Monday, February 01, 2010

Diaper Stash

Diapers diapers diapers. I hear changing them is the most fun thing about having a baby, right? Feel free to skip this post if you think diapers are boring, I won't be offended. I'll try to post something pretty tomorrow to make up for it. If you are still reading, here are some things to know about me and how I made my diaper decision:

I decided to use cloth diapers sometime at about 13. When I heard about the landfills and whatnot. Gross. I know people argue about cloth diapers and the energy usage to wash them and blah blah blah but when I am done I will be throwing out less than a garbage bag of waste. After 2 kids (maybe three if they survive to be passed on). Also I will have saved thousands of dollars. I like all these things. And those statistics created to make people feel good about disposables don't factor in HE washing machines or eco-friendly detergents. By the way.

If you have ever thought about using cloth diapers you will have noticed that there are about a million kinds. It's crazy. Tons of types and brands and colours. Some people love this. Some women collect cute diapers like most of us go after shoes and handbags. Some people love having different kinds to go with different needs (travelling, overnight, babysitters, rashes). This gave me a headache. I do not want a million kinds of diapers. I do not want to hunt down the newest cutest print and beat all the other mothers into getting it.

So I decided to go with one system. If it is so much more work than disposables I just won't know. If it's not the best system ever invented by mankind, I also won't know. Thus I will be happy, because ignorance is bliss. Craig is on board with this, by the way, which is helpful.

This said, I decided on Applecheeks. Because:
- They are designed and made in Canada. As opposed to China or who knows where. This means decent quality and excellent customer service.
- They are very highly reviewed. I've spent hours online researching this and very nearly everyone loves them. Those who didn't don't seem to have read the directions properly.
- They are midrange in price. I will have to buy two sizes of covers (which ensures a decent fit) but only one set of inserts. I will end up paying about...$700 for all the diapers I will ever need for two kids.
- They can be used as pocket diapers or covers and inserts. You might not know what this means, but it's the best of both and much cheaper than just pockets.
- They are cute. And not in a "I have Disney characters on my bum!" way.

And here is what I bought (about $500) for those of you who are curious about how to start out with this sort of thing. This should be enough that I will only have to do laundry ever three days.
- 12 covers. A varity of gender neutral colours. I like the cherry tomato and St Lucia best. Also the chocolate brown.
- Hemp Inserts. 30 two layer and 6 three layer (for overnights).
- Two hemp boosters and a stay dry liner.
- A roll of flushable diaper liners. You put it on top of the insert and then when it's dirty you just flush it. So that when I change diapers at the restaurant I don't have to carry my poo home with me.
- A large laundry bag in turquoise (because it's Pantone's colour of the year and I like to be fashion forward about these things) and a small chocolate brown bag for the diaper bag (which is awesome and will be discussed later). I will be buying one more large laundry bag for when this one is in the wash.

There you go. Will it be awesome? I'll keep you posted! (Because you care about my baby's bum, I know it.)