Friday, November 16, 2012

Photo Friday

We had snow this week!  Little S was sooo excited when she woke up to see all the white outside.  I don't think she really remembers snow from last winter, but we've been hyping her up for it with Stella books and snowy documentaries.  

She was thrilled to get to wear her new snowsuit, but sadly mommy has not yet gotten her new mittens, so she had no thumbs.

 Mr Finnegan watched from the bedroom window.

 Poor little A!  I thought I had a suit for her, but on closer inspection it was too small and an unwashed hand me down.  Sad times.  She couldn't crawl in it which made her super mad at me.  I'm getting her a new suit tomorrow, so we should be all set for the next snowfall.

The snow has retreated back up the mountain for now, but it's return is eagerly awaited by some :)