Friday, July 07, 2006

How to remove a magpie.

1) Wait till the magpie is asleep in the rafters above the pool. Magpie must be actually sleeping and not faking it.

2) Spray the magpie with a hose. The magpie will then drop like a stone right into the pool.

3) Get the nearest lane swimmer to grab the stunned magpie and take him outside.

No joke, I guess this is what happened after I left yesterday. We came in to a note that said "The Bird is Gone!". Apparently some patrons were like "You should really get that magpie outside, it looks sad." And Katy said "really?" and the family of patrons said "mind if we come back later and try to remove him?" and Katy said "knock yourself out". I guess they technically knocked the bird out.