Thursday, August 10, 2006


So last week I worked with this girl. Brand shiney new little 16 year old lifeguard. Still wet behind the ears and all that (what does that saying mean anyways?). So she's very cute and nice and all that. Wandered off deck a couple times but otherwise...(wandering off deck is the biggest no no of all time when you're a lifeguard. Because you know...watching the pool is kind of your job, so if you wander off to ask me some inane question then WHO IS WATCHING THE POOL? Argh)...yeah not bad. Until I ask her to squeegie the puddle. It is a 30 second job. All you have to do is take the nice squeegie and push the water towards the drain. It's not brain surgery. It takes her 5 minutes. I'm not just picking a long sounding number. It actually took 5 minutes. I counted. She just kept pushing the squeegie around erratically while crying "it's not working!". I have never in my life met a person who could not push water into a drain. It boggles the mind. The puddle wasn't even gone after 5 minutes. That's the point where I yelled "Okay that's fine! Stop it! Give me that!" Unbelievable.

So today Cashier Girl and I were off to Booster Juice for lunch. We have half an hour for lunch and a good ten of that is spent dodging the summer construction projects that completely surround the pool (and incedently my house). Finally we arrive. It goes like this:

Me: I'd like a tropical snack size smoothie and a chicken pesto paninni with no onions.

Booster Juice Girl: Which smoothie?

Me: Tropical. Snack size.

BJG: and what?

Me: a Paninni.

BJG: *Blinks*

Me: a chicken pesto paninni with no onions.

BJG: ooookaaaaay....*frowns in a cute manner and punches random buttons on the till...I hold out my debit card and she blinks at it and back at the till...and back at the card* That's 9.89.

Me: How is 7.49 with tax 9.89?

BJG: what?

Me: Your combo is 7.49.

BJG: Oh *frowns at till again* maybe our prices went up. (to much more compitent looking boy) Did our prices go up?

By this time the other guy has made my entire smoothy for me. And I haven't paid yet. The prices had not gone up...she just hadn't found the combo button.

Cashier Girl: Oh dear....I have american money.

yeah so then we finally paid. went next door to return a movie. Came back. Still no food.

BJG: I didn't know if you wanted spinach or tomatoes?


Then I looked at the girl more closely.

It was girl who can't squeegie! Girl who can't squeegie has managed to get two jobs to be incompitent at! We were 5 minutes late from lunch and still had not eaten our food.

Then I got to tell a swimming instructor that her lessons were in fact so bad that I couldn't let her continue to teach them without doing volunteer hours under another teacher. Or she was fired. Only I said it muuuuch nicer and with a letter (for her file). And my new supervisor. I thought she might cry. I felt like a meanie. But her lessons really are terrible. Such is life.