Monday, August 07, 2006

Weddingness much for my relaxing weekend. I spent over 8 hours yesterday doing weddingness. And now I shall share it with you.

First off, here's the programs I spent all day yesterday making:

So the wedding itself was in a United Church. They had two female reverands preform it. It was hilarious, they were so earnest but...they kept saying poetic phrases in these reverant but dreamy tones...such as "May your love not be a cage, but an ocean flowing back and forth between the shores of your two souls" Sit through an hour of that with a straight face, I dare you! I couldn't do it.

So that's me with the bride, at the receiving line. Then I got to say hi to all the bridal party whom I didn't know. They all said hi and were gushing over how much they liked the programs. And one said I looked just like Claire Danes. My friend was like "Man, I hate recieving lines, so awkward" and I said "oh really, I thought it was nice" Ahahahaha.

So the groom is blackfoot and they had a couple of Native American touches to the wedding. All the men in the bridal party wore eagel feathers attatched to the shoulders of their tuxes, which was quite cool. Then this guy played outside the church during the recieving line, then did a traditional dance with a bunch of hoops, very fun to watch.

And we got bubbles

The Bride and two of the flower girls

One decided that her nice shoes were over and done with after the ceremony. And that her dress was nice and swishy

The littlest flower girl...oh so cute...I took about 6 pictures of her when no one was looking...

The ring bearer had had enough of all these was trying to convince him to put them back on for the pictures. It was his 6th birthday.

So then we went to BP's for a took then 45 minutes to bring us appetizers! grrrrr. One of my buddies likes girly drinks...

Quite a formal reception. Excellent food. Got stuck at a table full of people I didn't know with just my "date" for company. Whenever one of us had to leave to go somewhere the other was like "Hurry!" awkward.

They had a fountain of chocolate! I was way too full to eat by this point but I felt I should at least see the fountain. Smell it. Baske in it's chocolatey presence.

Ha! sorry for all the pics to you guys with dial up...I'll try to be more restrained next week.