Friday, October 20, 2006

Rest in Peace Moju

Ah! moju died! I was so upset. Craig says if I get this upset everytime a fish dies I don't get any more fish. :( And I told him that he was in charge of dead fish disposal cause I can't do it. In fact once when I was younger I had a fish that died and it actually started rotting in the tank because I just couldn't deal with it. that was nasty, it's eyeballs rotted out.

This didn't happen with Moju, in fact he might not have been all the way dead. I prefer to think of him as just being a bit sick, then healing up and roaming the sewers in search of albino aligators to eat. Best of luck in the sewers Moju.

Oh well, I liked Xingu and Paru best anyways. But now we need a new tetra because two isn't enough because they like to school. Although, they were the ones eating Moju's tail off, so I'm not sure how well they play with others.