Sunday, December 03, 2006


The one (and only) good thing about blogger beta is that my upload time and posting times are faster.

So my pen was acting super weird, like the button kept jamming, making it impossible to draw because it would select EVERYTHING all the time...not useful. I put up with it for a couple days (and by put up with I mean I didn't draw anything) and then borrowed Lance's pen...the tablet worked fine with his so I ordered a new pen for mine.

Now my pen works...and has worked for two days. So either:
A) I gave Lance my pen by accident (in which case, I'm sorry Lance...test yours and tell me if it works!)
B) It was just a random glitch and I wasted $50
C) It's dying but not yet fully a flickering monitor.

I'm hoping it's C, because really, I don't need two pens. Well back to labeling for me!