Sunday, December 17, 2006

Look at the pretties!

Because I know you've all been dying to know how I'm wrapping my presents this year. Yes all my presents match. Yes I spend as much time planning out my wrapping theme as I do planning out my presents. Yes I'm a nerd.

But I don't care!

So today I plan to do my christmas baking, finish wrapping and label another 60 postcards. Which will be the end of all those things....hopefully....I have wednesday off at home just in case. So two more days of nasty pool maintance and then it's Christmas holidays for me!


I know some people have been having trouble commenting due to blogger beta being the devil, so I enable anonymous if you can't post as yourself just post anyways and put your name at the bottom. Because I feel like I'm typing into a void here!

Don't worry mom, the bows aren't stuck on, I'll take them off so your cat doesn't eat them all when I put them out.