Friday, January 05, 2007


When we came home from shopping today our house was stinking hot. hot. HOT! I went into the bedroom and thought "Oh how delightfully cool this is!" and it was 30 degrees. That is celcius for you crazy american types which is....86? Whatever. So we opened up all the windows and half the doors and now it is almost cold in here. But I'm not closing them till my bedroom is back down to 20 so I can sleep tonight. Why would it do that? There is no reason, the thermostate is in the same spot and the outside temperature is about the same.


Although not as wierd as on Monday when we came home from watching Eragon (only watch that movie if you only want to be moderatly entertained...but really, was the book that much better?) and found that the front door was wide open. Eek! The winds were 140km/hr that day and blew our locked front door open. Which then caused our bathroom window to open and aaaaall our bathroom stuff to fall to the ground, sadly breaking my shampoo bottle. Also the shower curtain was strung out the window.

Everyone who hears this story says "are you sure it wasn't burglers?". Ah those fiendish burglers, leaving my ipod, dvds, tv and rather expensive computer all sitting about while hunting the real prize. My shampoo, which slipped through his fingers.

While shopping I(we) bought the following amusing items:
-Dutch Blitz
-Muchkin Fu 2 (Huzzah! We now have double the munkin fu cards!)
-4 ten sided dice (should have bought 6! Stupid Hanna!)
-Overpriced beading wire and ect.
-A BeadStyle Magazine
-A map of the world
-Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

And my tablet pen finally came in! But I don't need it! Ah well.

Craig just went to bed and is a tad vexed with me as the current bedroom is 15. How nice of him to warm it for me.

I am in a rather good mood at the moment, as you might have guessed. However it was not always the case (it being the weekend is a great help I believe). Last night I had a really wierd dream. The kind of dream that screws you up for the whole morning. Also I had one of those nasty panick attack half awake things again, although that might have been the night before, I forgot about it till just now. Anyway, I shall relate my dream to you (because you care. remember? you care?)

It was one of those dreams that seems real while you are dreaming it, and even when you wake up so many details were correct that it's almost possible. See in my dream Craig and I had been on vacation for a week (see, as just happened) and we were somehow very much out of contact with...everything. Then on my first day back to work I found out that they (I don't know who they are) decided to change the entire english language to get rid of any words that might offend people. Anything religious, racial or cultural. Including the names of the months of the year because they are based off roman religious things (is that true, I seem to remember that). And everyone accepted it. Not because they would be killed or something otherwise. Just because they didn't want to be the person that would be willing to possibly offend someone rather than change. Popculture was completly taken over with it, movies and books were being remade, there was even an alternate copy of the bible. I learned all this from conversations with my friends at work. It seemed really really real. I was the only one freaking out. I was all like "they're brainwashing you to be all the same! We'll lost all our culture and everything that makes us special!" But no one cared, they'd rather have a bland off-white world than any possible conflict. Craig agreed with me but was a lot calmer about it (it takes a lot to get Craig to freak out anyway) and was re-learnig the number system anyway because he figured he'd need to learn how to communicate, which I took as an act of betrayel. I had this cold feeling in my gut that said "maybe the world really will end in my lifetime".

It was sooooo creepy. I can remember all the details, some of the new words, even magazine ads for remade movies. At one point in the dream I woke up, and thought "just a dream just a dream" and then it wasn't just a dream, it was real! So when I did actually wake it took me a couple....hours to shake it.

Ah! I'm all creeped out again! Here's a pic of Jen and me in the blankets my mom made us for christmas to cheer you up.