Thursday, February 22, 2007

Ideas please! Over here!

First I am going to whine. Just because I need to whine sometimes and my husband gets tired of it.

So yesterday I worked from 9-5:30 including 2 hours of lessons and the crazy busiest public swims in a while (holiday week! Where's my holiday week?). Then I had supper with Supervisor Girl and we drove to the other pool for inservice training from 7-10 and supervisor meeting from 10-11. Yaaaay for working all day long. At about 9:00 while we were doing deepwater spinals (which by the way I too short to do...I was sposed to be standing while lifting the spine board and I was more treading water while hanging on for dear life) I though "gee, my head hurts, but that's what I get for working for....ever". Then at about 9:40 while learning how to deal with a lumbar break my vision started blurring and an invisible person started stabbing me repeatedly through the eyeball. Hopefully no one has a lumbar this week because really? I don't remember any of it. Then my boss spent 45 minutes yelling and swearing at us about the 7 unifying principles of the organization and how we should not be having a bad attitude or we can quit. Good times that. Yeah that's when I realized "Hey.....this is a migrane!" Yeah it was awesome. I skipped the meeting and got a ride home. Then my migrane knocked me unconcious. And all day today my eyeball throbs and my head echoes and the children do not stop screaming. Because screaming is too much fun.

End of Whine.

Hey so I want to do a series of fantasy paintings. I want do something christian/religiousy. Something I can work some good symbolism into. I will not be painting angels or the seven deadly sins/heavenly virtues. Because angels are not pretty girls in cool clothes and the seven sins are soooooo done.

Any ideas? I want something with a clear list so that I can know when I'm done and have a goal. And something I can make....pretty. Ideas! Give them to meeeee!