Monday, February 26, 2007

Reviews of stuff

So because Kait asked me to tell her what I thought of Marie Antoinette I thought I'd review some random things I have lately watched or listed to to you.

Marie Antoinette:
Well deserved Oscar for best costume design. I hope it didn't win any other oscars. This movie has no plot and very little in the way of snappy diologue. It's kind of like a big long artsy stream of consciouness music video. It's pretty though. So if you want to watch a fairly long boring but really pretty movie I highly recommend it. Turns out that Craig did not want to watch a fairly long boring but really pretty movie . He lasted an hour and a half though, so that's impressive.

The Departed:
This one the oscar for best adapted screenplay. Don't ask me about any other oscars because I only saw those two. This movie has worse language than any movie I've ever seen. Don't watch it with your mother. Well...don't watch it with my mother anyway. Very well written and acted. The ending wasn't SHOCKING TWIST! but was original and not what I thought would happen. Also, Leonardo DiCaprio got a new haircut. About time.

Lily Allen: I am currently listening to her CD "Alright, Still". It's very cute kind of poppy jazzy with clever lyrics. Nice for a mellow but happy moment. Some language.

Oop, time for Heroes! see you later.