Thursday, March 15, 2007


So yesterday at work, the pest control guy came by. We had called him because we have ants all over...and usually there are no ants when it's still snowing every other day (oh you heard, snow this morning!). So the Orkin Man comes in and well...he doesn't speak english oh so well. East Indian. Also he had a very cool hat with lights in the see vermin in dark corners I assume. I took him over to the most anty area, the concrete bleachers on the pool deck. Assume that everything he says is with a very thick accent, I'm no good with typing accents.

Orkin Man: hmmm hmmm.....yes many ants

Me: Yeah I think they're coming out of that hole.

Orkin Man: It is because of the food. See. Bread crumb!

Me: Yes well, the kids sometimes eat snacks up there.

Orkin Man: Sneks!

Me: yes?

Orkin Man: SNEKS!

Me: um...yes...snacks

Orkin Man: THEY EAT SNEKS UP THERE! (pantomines a long thin object)

Me: What? No! NO! Not SNAKES! They eat food! Like cookies!

Orkin Man: oh. I thought they eat sneks.

Oh dear. Also he believes we have fire ants and took ant samples to figure out what to do. We're pretty sure they're normal ants as there are a) not red and b) not biting the patrons.

Now imagine the fun Supervisor Girl has been having on the phone with him, trying to get him to come back and actually kill the ants.