Friday, June 08, 2007

Friday Five

Today is a delightful Friday. Because I'm not working :P. I took it off so me and Craig could have some quality time. We went shopping this morning and got Craig some new shirts for work. So I can fiiinally throw out the ratty shirt that I hate. And I got a couple used books and the new Deanne Gist book. yay!

Sorry Tanya, I couldn't find much for napkin holders, maybe they aren't in style?

1)Branch Table by Harry Allen & Associates:

2)Bong Bong Boxer, just suit the kids up and let them fight? Do they make adult sizes?

3)Tulip Lights by Solar Illuminations. They're solar powered outdoor lights, you just stick them in the ground!

4)HMSA, beautiful photography.

5)Kattbank! It's a bench that hids the kitty litter box. It's supposed to be fairly odor free and has a little ramp with grooves to shake the litter off kitty's feet.