Friday, June 01, 2007


Here's three inappropriate things kids have done at the pool lately. From mildest to worst.

1)There were two kids in the tots pool, a two year old girl standing on the edge and a four year old boy in the water. The boy gets a big mouthful of water and spits in directly in the little girls left eye. I admit it was pretty funny.

2)A little three year old girl is my preschool lessons. She's this adorable little chubby chinese girl and I love her. She was sitting in the hot tub after lessons singing to herself quietly. I went closer to hear what she was saying and she was singing "gagina gagina". Noticing me sitting near her she said "I have a gagina". I said "um". She said cheerfully "wanna see?"

Oh honey.

3)We have a spray park with large sprinklers and whatnot outside the pool building in the park. I was watching the cute little kids run around when a girl of about six pulls down her bikini bottoms and just starts peeing on the cement. She wasn't near the sprinklers either, just on slightly damp cement. Damper now. She was finished peeing and had pulled her bottoms up when mom noticed. I couldn't hear through the window but there was much angry gestering and some yelling that I guess was along the lines of "You stupid child! Don't urinate in public!"