Sunday, June 03, 2007

Spring Cleaning

Well I had a very productive weekend. Especially being as my average weekend mostly includes sitting about in my pajamas and drawing all day. I love that. Anyway, our house, which we rent, has been sold and the new owners want to rent out the detached garage separately. We have a bunch of stuff stored over there that now needs to actually fit in the house. So on Saturday I got started and cleaned out 3 of the 5 closets in the house and moved a bunch of stuff over, threw a bunch out and started my pile of "cool things that I no longer want". I also made a necklace and earrings I plan to sell on soon as I get my paypal working, painting an abstract oil painting, did half an illustration, made dinner, menu planned for the week and went grocery shopping.

While grocery shopping I decided that I had had enough of this toxic eco-bad smelly cleaning nonsense and bought a bunch of Method products. They are wonderful for four reasons.
1)They are completely biodegradable nontoxic ect ect. Seem to be made mostly with corn? Anyway, no harmful chemicals in my air or on my surfaces, and better for the environment.
2)They smell fantastic. Mmm, I have almond wood cleaner, pink grapefruit dish soap and my bathroom stuff is eucalyptus and mint. Delightful.
3)They work really well. Better than the other stuff I was using.
4)They are cute. Laugh if you want but hey, I'm an artist and I like nice things. I don't see how it costs any more to make a nice label than an ugly one. I wish more companies put that kind of effort into presentation.

I was so excited to try out my new products that I did the whole bathroom today. Including pulling everything out of all the cupboards and wiping them down. Threw out a garbage bag worth of stuff. And my bathroom smells so nice. Makes me happy.
Also I cleaned the kitchen, the tops of all the door frames, started another illustration and almost finished it (wasn't in the mood to work on Saturdays :P), made taco salad for dinner, and also made a pasta salad and chickpea salad for tomorrows dinner. Seriously, self high five.

Also, my house has been mostly clean for a week and a half. That's pretty much amazing for me. Almost miraculous really.

Also I have started spell checking my posts. That's for all you crazy writers out there. I make no apologies for my grammer.

Oh hey, PS, I'm making the afore mentioned pile of things I no longer want and it's got some nice stuff in it, just I don't like clutter. So when I finish my spring cleaning I thought I'd have an online garage sale. I'll post pictures of all my things and if you want them you can have them. Just you have to pay the postage if I never see you in real life. Because seriously, I'm not moving stuff I never use.