Monday, July 30, 2007

Blackle Blurb

Today was an UCK day. It was hot...and work was just a headache. Must be Monday. Oh well, only 14 work days left! But who's counting.

Me! I am counting!

Anyway, I have one announcement and two fun links for you today.

Announcement: I am a fake auntie! That's right, Kait popped out a baby. Who we will call Kitten here as so as to avoid baby stalkage. Kitten was born at 9:14 pm on July 27th. She is 7 lbs. 10 oz, and is 21″ long. Aslo she is apparently beautiful with lots of hair. I say apparently because Kitten's mommy is YET TO POST PICTURES!!! Honestly Kait. Honestly.

I want a baby!


Blackle is google, only black. The idea is that a black screen takes less energy to produce than a white one. Thus you are helping the environment by using blackle instead. A tiny bit. A very tiny bit to compensate for aaaaall the energy it takes to use your computer. They figure that if everyone who uses google used blackle it would make a bit of a difference, but it's also a good daily reminder to try and conserve energy. So next time you have a question, blackle it! Unless you are my mother who probably won't be able to read it.


I'm so excited about Blurb! It's a book publishing site that I found through Flickr (moo cards are a flickr affiliate too so I was curious who else they were teamed up with.). So the idea is, you download this little program called Booksmart which contains a bunch of templates that you use to create a book. It's very intuitive, mostly just drag and drop with text boxes and the style is clean and modern. They're geared towards photographers but you can do text books as well. I'm currently working on a 10X8 40 page soft cover photo book of our trip to Chile. Which I've always been too lazy to scrapbook. And honestly, at $18.95 plus shipping, it's cheaper than printing off my photos! I'm soooo excited, if this goes well I will be making a wedding album, a cook book...oh the possibilities are endless.

Also, I have a new flickr account for my art and craftyness. Mostly because I want to do moo card trades. It's [here]