Thursday, July 26, 2007

Weather you like it or not

Hmm, life life. I was a little stressy today about moving and work and whatnot. Luckily for me at least the one stress will solve the other, I'm really looking forward to a couple weeks between jobs to clear my head a little. Not that I have my new job yet, but I remain peacefully confident that I will get it :P. Too much drama at work these days, I hope my new job will have more guys and less teenagers. I hope. My meltdown point hit at lunchtime when I decided that the best cure for stress would be a small chocolate silk pie blizzard (no whip). By the time I got it back to work (1.5 minutes) it was apparently melty because when I took the lid off it glooped all over my hand/shorts/leg/desk. This did not help my stress. Perhaps God was trying to tell me that chocolate is actually not the answer to aaall my problems.

Anyway, I'm better now, I've gotten my phone line set to be switched to the new house the day we move and a much better phone plan out of the bargain. I guess it's true with Telus, you just have to ask them. I knew I didn't just love them for the baby hedgehog in the commercial. Now I just have to worry about the power, bank, health care, drivers licences, insurance, mail forwarding....*deep breaths* I'll let Craig do the insurance :P

So we had some pretty crazy clouds this evening, we had a two minute storm, complete with a spit of rain. Didn't drop the temperature at all but I appreciated the effort.