Saturday, August 25, 2007

Say hello to Phet

So for todays adventure Craig and I went exploring the park along the river. The trail starts just a 5-10 minute walk from our place. We followed it down to Zuckagerg Island which is a little park with an old russian chapel on it. Very fun, I remember going down with my friends to eat lunch there when I was in Grade 9.

We passed by the high school I attended for one whole year on the way back and then went back to the house the downtown way. We circled about half of the main part of the town all together. No idea how long it took as we forgot to check the time on our way out the door. On our way we passed the pet store. According to Craig they had many interesting kinds of parrots. Also a lemer...I wasn't aware they were pets...also the people who ran the store seemed to be crazy people. I was a little afraid of them so I rescued a fish. He is a betta and his name is Phet. Because bettas are from Thailand and Phet is a thai name that means diamond. And is also fun to say.

Phet Phet Phet