Tuesday, August 28, 2007


So I am actually getting back in the swing of things art-wise, but I don't have anything finished to show you. So here's some Work's In Progress to prove that I'm not just sitting around reading. Those 200 hundred pages of the new Jaqueline Carey novel just read themselves.

In other news, I was feeling a bit homesick for Lethbridge yesterday. Okay, so I was feeling homesick for the westside Safeway. Strange? Seriously, I was almost teary over it. See we have a Safeway here...but it isn't big and airy and full of shinyness and Starbucksness. Nooo...it's more...smallish. Whiteish. Dingyish. And there is no kale or polenta! Seriously people.

They did however have fresh baby potatoes, so that helped. Maybe Extra Foods will have kale.

I think I am the only person on earth who cooks with it though.

However today we woke up, had a nice breakyfast and went off to Syringa Creek Provincial Park which is a mere 15 minutes drive from our house. We spent the morning hiking and saw three chipmunks, two squirrels, a lizard, a deer, eleven big horned sheep and a great horned owl. Also a variety of other birds but you'll have to ask Craig about that...wait wait...Junco's, Yellow Rumped Warblers...some sort of Flicker...and Chickadees. Ha! I win the memory prize!

The moral of the story is that homesickness is over, I can give up my shiny Safeway to be able to run amok in the woods. Also, I can get a Starbucks in Nelson on Thursday after my job interview. Or maybe before. Or maybe after and before.

Such is Hanna's Cool Life today. As a side note, you should see my spell checker today. It's pretty much just one big underline.