Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Grand Tour Continues

So this is the upstairs hallway...standing in the TV room, facing the bedroom, bathroom on the left, stairs on the right.

The bathroom countertop is pink, and my stuff is blue. So I figured why fight it? My koi girl matches well anyway and I'd like to continue the koi and lotus theme in here.

The TV's kinda a mishmash of the furniture from the living room and the storage from the office. It doesn't all quite fit yet, I moved a couple boxes before I took the picture (cheating I know).

The stairwell...I tacked up some ribbon and hung photos on it. I knew I collected ribbon for a reason! What's downstairs? Find out tomorrow.

So in other news I spent yesterday in Nelson. I had a job interview which went well. It's a long commute though, so I'm conflicted. Afterwords I wandered about a bit with my portfolio to see if any of the gift shops would be interesting in selling my art. One said no, but if I made cards they'd take them. The other two managers were on holidays. hmmmm.

Then I had lunch at a crazy hippie organic vegan place. I had a samosa and a blackberry smoothie. It was excellent. The people really were crazy though...but in a friendly and nurturing fashion.

Then I spent a great while getting lost trying to find my Gramma...she was recently moved to a senior's home and I have only been there once. I did eventually find it (by instinct, I totally forgot to look it up on the map before I left). She gave me chocolate. Then my uncle and my cousin's kid...who we'll just call my niece because she pretty much is...stopped by as well which was lovely until while cuddling me she headbutted me in the back of the head. Concusion much? Ah well, it was her first day of grade one, so I guess she was excited.

Then today I wandered to the City Office to apply for EI, only to be told that I had to do it online anyway. I did. Just in case. Also I went to the used bookstore and the library. That's my day.