Thursday, September 20, 2007

Hanna's life is coold

Rainy rainy it is again. Although we didn't get snow like you poor suckers in Lethbridge! Ahahaha. Sorry. I should be nice or it will come over here to get me.

So yesterday...I worked...for two hours as always. I'm teaching private lessons to a little boy (well 7) who is petrified of the water. We're making some good progress but still aren't into putting our eyes in. He was wearing goggles and I asked him to put his eyes in. He leaned over until the tip of his noes was touching the water. He tried and tried to get his eyes closer, then just gave up and pulled the goggles down until they touched the water. "I did it!" Hrm, that'll take some more work.

Also I made cinnamon rolls. I was unimpressed, apparently it'll take some doing before I'm a star pastry chef. They were too buttery and didn't rise. Screw Martha Stewart, I'm finding Gramma's recipe next time. Craig is in love with them however, so it's not a complete loss. He was pretty much a happy camper because I also made some sort of lazy risotto thing with summer squash and sausage...because that's what I found lying around. I make the best meals when I'm scrapping together ingredients from the fridge. Pity I didn't make enough for lunch...mmmm...

So today I had my interview at the Castlegar pool, it went quite well I think, but lifeguarding interviews don't phase me anymore. Bring on the tricky questions! I got home and read some more Harry Potter (so far it's kinda depressing...I hope it picks up a bit in the last half) and started making bread. The multigrain rolls are yummy and all but too small for sandwiches I've been informed. So I started making sunflower seed bread because I luuurve it and then realized that I do not, in fact, have sunflower seeds. I considered using pine nuts, but they are kinda pricey and I then remembered that the little store across the street that I thought was just vitamins and herbal supplimants has food type things. According to a friend of Craig's.

I threw on my coat and then the phone rang. Hooray! I am the proud owner of two jobs! This one is also with the same union, so the nice pay is the same but so are the crappy hours. However, I will hopefully get the supervisor position when it comes up. Oy. Keep praying for me.

So I then I ran over to the store, and it's fantastic, tons of nice bulk things and amusing ingredients. They even have a little flour mill where you can have flour ground. So I bought the sunflower seeds as well as a package of soup and some eggs because I couldn't bring myself to pay with interact for 85 cents. Then I got home started putting things in and realized that I do not have wheat germ. I have wheat bran. Not the same thing at all. So I found some change, threw on my coat and ran baaack through the rain to get wheat germ. Yeeeesh, well the bread is rising now so all should be well.

You notice how much I talk about food? Clearly I need to get out more. Before I become obese.

Oh haha, I forgot, this morning the phone rang while I was upstairs so I ran like the wind down to get it (losing a slipper in the process), hoping it was the pool giving me a job. It was actually a Jehovah's Witness who wanted to tell me about the bible. I listened to him as I went back up to find my slipper, but before I could tell him that I've actually read the bible myself, I tripped on the stairs and accidentally hung up on him. Whoops. I mean I was going to hang up anyways, but I try to be polite about it.

Hm, no work tomorrow either. Wonder what I'll bake...