Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Oh Nelson

I can already tell that I'm going to have much more amusing Pool Stories for you now that I'm in the land of the free spirited. Here are two from tonight:

1)For the last couple days I've been pondering the fact that one of our lady patrons must not have been born female. S/he is about 6 feet tall, barrel chested and rather muscly. With breasts. And something else missing. I can tell because s/he needs to wear larger bikini bottoms as the ones s/he has ride up the bum. And there are not that kind of bottoms. So anyway s/he was wearing a dark green bikini today and then for some unknown reason traded the top for a white sports bra. White in the pool is a Baaaaad idea. So s/he's sitting there on the edge and I can see nipples! From halfway across the pool. But is it bad to see a man's nipples I wonder. If they happen to be attached to breasts then I say it is.


2)A couple of patrons were looking strangely at the steam room and mentioned that someone in there was a bit loud. I went to check and found a man sitting in the corner and alternating between chanting and playing a plastic recorder. Hrm. Well I didn't know if there was a rule against music in the steam room so I reminded him that the steam room is not in fact soundproof and asked him to keep the volume down. He cheerfully agreed and when the pool started to clear out for the night the sound of recorder music filled the pool. Hahaha, I'm a music lover but plastic recorder is not really my folk instrument of choice.