Friday, November 16, 2007

Friday Five!

Sorry about my lack of posts this week :( I've been sick (still am) and therefore hermitlike. Also I have done some art but I'm going to wait till it's December to post them as they are of a Christmasy nature.

1)Look at the little mushrooms! They are by Tamar Mogendorff and you can get them at Rose and Radish. I would buy one immediatly...if they weren't $54 per mushroom! Honestly.

2)Jeff Canham makes these cool paintings..each word is on a different block of wood, so they are all on different levels.

3)Wondertoast wonders about the Alphabet! I want this book and I don't even have kids yet. It goes through the alphabet learning about food from around the world. N is for Ningari! (psst, and there's t-shirts! K is for Kimchee!)

4)Mi So Happy shirt by Spicy Brown. Aaaah, I want this shirt!

5)Look at the pretty butterfly bookmarks :) by de de ce +