Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Poor little insuranceless car. Sits in the parking lot. I think she's lonely :(. But she gets to go to the car doctor on Thursday and then hopefully it is only moments until she gets reinsured. I mean, I know I said I wanted to excercise more...but it's a loooong walk to work. The buses in Castlegar don't feel the need to run evenings and weekends. I signed up for Yoga (because I can take it for free! Yay for perks!) and it starts tomorrow. But do I really want to walk 45 min there and 45 min back for a one hour class on my day off? Maybe? Yikes. Well, I'm taking the bus to work today (but not back, because 7:00 is past the buses bedtime) so I will buy a yoga mat in my 1 1/2 hours of spare time downtown and leave it at work just in case.

I thought I was rich but it turns out that my rent cheque hasn't been cashed yet :(. Maybe they are waiting until Friday? That would be nice...

Enough senseless rambling for one day?

Oh oh, wait, here's a quick Pool Story for you all. We had a couple guys in the pool last night...who seemed quite recklessly cheerful. When we cleaned the changerooms later we found the liquor bottle to explain why...but the one guy had a tattoo on the very lower part of his back/right buttcheek (which I saw part of, lucky me...) which said "Your Name". So that he could walk up to girls and say "I have your name tattooed on my butt!"


Mir, I'm almost done your commission! Hopefully tomorrow as it's my day off.