Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Who wants some art?

Let's play the good news/bad news game, shall we?

Good News: My car is fixed!
Bad News: It's still not insured because the fax from AMA came through all black!

Bad News: I'm so sick I coughed up blood this morning!
Good News: Between being diseased and carless I have lost 7 pounds!

Good News: I got time off over Christmas to spend with my lurvley family!
Bad News: I got a whole more time off then I wanted/can afford!

Life is exciting huh?

The moral of this story is that when I said I was too busy to take more commissions before Christmas I was apparently a big fat liar. So if anyone wants some art (makes a nice present!) drop me a comment or an email. Because I will apparently have all kinds of time and no kinds of money. Don't be afraid, my germs can't attack you through the computer.

And just to remind you how fun my art is, here's this year's Christmas card...which are in the mail to me as we speak from Moo-land!