Friday, December 21, 2007

Friday Five!

Well, today had fun adventures such as:

-snowplow scraping ice of the road at 3:30am. Soooo not impressed over here.
-my car being covered in a centimetre of ice...on the inside of all the windows!
-making a santa beard out of felt and sewing it to a hat for the Santa Pool Party tonight. I'm so not excited.
-Also yesterday I made two kinds of shortbread.
-Also we are officially poor we got a food hamper from the church :P

1) Pop Art Toaster, has 6 different design plates..and 5 edible markers. I would think that by the time you finish colouring your toast would be cold.

2)Odo twirl 'n take camera. You twirl the wheel to produce enough energy to take the picture.

3)Bankstoels, recycled felt topped benches by South African designer Ronel Jordaan.

4)Candle carver...turn things from the fridge into candle holders :P

5)Rebekah the Snowflake amigurumi doll.