Friday, January 04, 2008

Friday Five

It is absolute and utter crap out there today. It snowed for a couple days and now has been raining for 16 hours. It's all slush. I got the car brutally stuck in a slush bank trying to get into our parking lot (not that I crashed...the slush bank was the road). It took Craig and a couple neighbour guys almost an hour to get it out. I felt really bad. Then we came in and had a bath. And Craig halfway forgave me. Then I just went out to get my purse and there's another car stuck so he went back out to help them.

I may have called the property manager and given him an almost polite piece of my mind because really, this is not cool.

It's still raining.

Friday Five anyone?

Oh oh, Craig just came in, he helped push the car out, then the lady guns it to get her car back on the street, it slips all over the slush and she barely manages to brake it...within a foot of our car. Yikes.

1)Cartolina Cards. These are just beautiful, they mix modern style and colours with traditional and exotic art work. I love em.