Friday, March 28, 2008

Friday Five!

So we've been told that our townhouse has been sold and we're out in two months. Which is a bit of a pain but at least the school year will be done, and we might not even be in town for the summer anyway. Don't know yet. Would sure like to know!

1)Crocheted Jellyfish anyone? Yes please! (by jpolka)

2)Want to spend $14,500 on a bathtub with built in aquarium? Wouldn't the fishies get warm?

3)I want one of these! The Kitchen Sync is still a prototype but the idea is that it's a digital cookbook. You can download (and scan from your cookbooks) recipes and then use it as a cookbook in the kitchen. It's wireless and very wipeable and everything :)

4)Adorable letterpress stationary by Elum

5)Look at this cute Amelie inspired photo by inkyblack!