Thursday, March 13, 2008

On my desk Wednesday?

Man I've been a day behind all week. Yesterday was another early morning (I haaaates it *hisses*) and I was just out of it. Plus Craig was home and I was helping him get his presentation ready for school. Craig is not a public speaker so it's a big deal for him (it's a 25 min presentation, so not small either). In fact...I think he's doing it right now...go Craig!

In other dress is looking more and more like a dress. Now I just hope that it looks good on me...

Also I get to teach Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross next week (pre lifeguarding courses for 13+ age group) which is exciting for two reasons. A)I love teaching those courses and I haven't been able to for 5 years now. B) Monies! Hooray for 40 hours at a nice high 8 hours prep time. Which reminds me...I should be prepping.

Oh oh, but one more thing. If you are in the Castlegar Area you should sign up for my drawing classes. I somehow got talked into creating an eight week drawing course on Monday nights. Erm, so hopefully that goes well.

But I'll leave you with a view of...well it's actually behind my desk, this is my inspiration wall.