Wednesday, March 26, 2008

On my desk...

On a Wednesday...

As I'm all finished the dress I was sewing (see post below) the kitchen table is presently a kitchen table and not a workspace :P So here's a pic from my computer desk, which is where I'm working today. This is Shashi, he's a red panda. Red panda's are my favourite animal (I know I know, I'm a five year old with a favourite animal) and I bought him at the Calgary Zoo last year. He keeps me company while I work.

If you want to be a stalker and check out some other people's desks (you know you do!) you can head over to Kootoyoo's blog and check it out :)

In other news:
-It is snowing
-I am still sick
-My best friend at work has been led to believe that I don't respect him and talk about him behind his back
-I am running out of food (not money, just need to go shopping)

On the plus side:
-I have lots of hours next month
-I have three days off to get better and get caught up on some freelance work
-My house is pretty clean

I think I will bake something today, it seems like a baking day.