Monday, April 07, 2008


Here's what's up:

- I bought new fabric to make a shirt. It's a nice t-shirty bluey green jewel toney fabric and is so pretty. I'm going to make the Lydia pattern at burdastyle. I printed and cut out the pattern on Saturday and bought the fabric today so hopefully I'll get it cut out tomorrow. As I have trouble following directions (my mother is laughing) I'm going to make it a 3/4 sleeve, square neckline and do kind of a sashy thing at the bottom. It'll be fantastic, just wait and see.

- It is still pretty cold but there are crocuses up everywhere which makes me really happy. The grass is getting green and the mountains are still covered in snow just a few meters up from us.

- We still don't know what we are doing this summer, all we know is that Craig is not going to be studying frogs on the Sunshine Coast. I would really like to know......

- We have decided (Craig actually) to switch completely over to Fair Trade cocoa products, hot chocolate, chocolate chips, everything. Because we say Yes to yummier chocolate and No to child slavery. Luckily I am completely addicted to Green and Blacks Mayan Gold chocolate bars so it's not a big hardship. And I've found where I can buy Cocoa Camino hot chocolate...not sure about cocoa...I'm guessing Nelson.

- We just finished the first season of Bones, which is my new favourite show. This month.

What's up with you guys out in blogland? Any sewing projects? Any fair trade cocoa tips?