Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday Five

So life is starting to settle down. I'm working on some web design projects as well as getting some things ready to start my Etsy shop. This afternoon I'm canning pickled asparagus with my mom so that should be fun. I'm also going to blanch and freeze a bunch to put in pasta this winter.

Friiiiiiiday fiveness:

1)Masquerade speakers...they look like art hanging on the wall! You can get them done with your own photos. Pretty cool I say.

2)Check out this gorgeous pink teapot by Vessels & Wares on Etsy.

3)Plant Me Pets look like little plastic toys, but you plant them headfirst in the ground and they grow into plants! They're made with bio-degradable latex with seeds inside.

4)fun Cast Iron Twig Skewers from World Market.

5)I didn't think you could make old plastic bottles look this good but when Michelle Brand reuses them they look like a bunch of flowers. (via AT)