Tuesday, May 20, 2008


In point form for your convenience:

- We are all moved in! Well mostly we are in storage. We (and the parents) spent most of Monday moving our stuff out of our townhouse. I was kinda nostalgic but Craig reminded me that really? Not such a great place :P

- On the way over the summit coming home a semi went off the road. As we waited for it to get towed we walked up the line to see what was going on and not only were my parents ahead of us...but so were Barb and Blair! :P We chatted for a bit and I took some pics of her adorable pregnantness. All in all a pleasant traffic jam.

- I am working on a surprise for you all with Jen...coming soon!

- Here are the rest of my Victoria photos...except Buchart Gardens...I'll load those up later: Click to see em

- It has rained all day and it's a nice change from the heat and good for the garden. More on the garden later.

- Craig's parent's come tomorrow for a week. Very exciting as they live in Chile and we haven't seen them in a couple years.

That's all for now :)