Friday, June 06, 2008

Friiiiiday fiiiiive

So I hurt slightly less today than yesterday. It's tragic that I didn't work out for a month and this my lungs have shrunk to the size of peanuts. Traaagic.

On the plus side I finished some art and sewed a cute toy today. Can't show you the toy until Barb gets around to pushing that baby out though. Wouldn't want to ruin the..'s surprise.

1)Turtle shower timer. They're for kids, but I'd take one. I'm all for short showers but sometimes when I'm sleepy I forget that...(via re-nest)

2)Family Pillow. I guess you pick the characters that most resemble your family and they make you a pillow. I don't know who in my family has bunny ears... (via Black*Eiffel)

3)PURE furniture design by Ami McKay. I love these, her furniture has lovely lines, custom embroidery and is eco-friendly. When I'm rich I'm getting me one of her chairs. (via d*sponge)

4)Pretty Jasmine Pattern Clutch by Moxie & Oliver (via Rare Bird Finds)

5)G√Ęteau Dish Set. The idea is that you can just stack it up and store it on your counter. It's very pretty. I would probably bump into it and break all my dishes though... (via The Kitchn)