Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Happy Wednesday

So the main fun thing about today is that my beautiful cousin Barb is currently in all you praying people can send up some prayers for her and her baby boy, who we will all get to meet soon! I was up with her yesterday doing a maternity photo shoot so I guess I got it done just in time.

In other news I'm officially trying to get in shape I 'll post my workouts on my twitter and you all can make sure I keep on track :P. Today I ran for 25 minutes. We live out on a farm and I was running up the dirt road. Out neighbour had his cows grazing in the ditch with a little temporary fence set up. When I jogged past (and not that quickly I might add) they freaked out and started running around...they broke into the plowed field and ran away. Well, one cow went back into the field they usually graze in and one got lost and just ran around in circles in the ditch.

I didn't know I so scary.

But here's what's on my desk today. Meet Astrid, the magnetic paper doll!