Thursday, June 19, 2008

Home Again

Mmmm, so nice to sleep in my own bed last night. I had a great vacation though, here's what went on at Craig's Family Reunion:

Thursday: Mom drove us to Spokane, did some quick shopping (new jeans! and a couple tops) and we flew out 5ish. Arrived in Portland an hour later, enjoyed the overall green ivyness and nice warm air and had supper.

First we went to Powell's Books which was incredible, we spent about $90 on books...but I could have spent sooo much more it was crazy. The store is a city block and three stories high. All new and used books. I could just pitch a tent and live in there. I also bought a cute action figure cause my desk can always use more. Then we went to Anthropologie because it was across the street, very exciting as I always read about it in blogs. Bought a marble owl winestopper, and one for Dad. Theen we visited the Chinese Garden, the Japanese Garden and the Rose Garden. Photos to follow. Big family BBQ for supper and some volleyball action.

Saturday: Saturday morning the whole family (meaning grandparents on down) went and played Pigeon Putt which is somewhere in between real golf and minigolf. They're a three par hole and you use a driver and a putter, pretty fun actually. Then Kari and Craig's parents and I went to the Saturday Market and I had a lot of fun chatting up the artists there. I bought a cuuute set of screen printed napkins by Erin Albin. More family dinnerness.

Sunday: Went to the church Craig went to when he lived in Portland for a year as a kid. Then we all went hiking up the Gorge for the afternoon. Very pretty, I took photos, you'll see them later. A bunch of us rented Shooter (which I've seen before but really like). Oh and I bought a digital camera (hooray! because ours was broken)

Monday: Craig's parents, sister (Kari) and us were able to stay in a cabin down in Oceanside and little resorty town on the coast. We left that morning and did some hiking that day. Pictures again to follow.

Tuesday: We drove to Cannon Beach which is a very fun little artsy/touristy/resorty town. I bought a print by this wonderful artist who is webpageless and just enjoyed the atmosphere. It's a pretty beach, lots of sand with these huge dramatic rocks in the ocean. We took everyone out for some yummy seafood as a late Father's Day thingy.

Wednesday: We woke up early and went tide pooling. I have many photos of starfish :P Tide pooling is one of my faaavourite things. Then we had lunch, drove back to Portland and flew home again.

Phew, Whataweek!

Here's my first set of photos, taken at the Chinese Garden (you can view the rest HERE on facebook)