Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Life this week

Breaking News: Tragedy Strikes!

My jeans have just got a hole and a) I am poor and don't want to buy new ones and b) You cannot buy jeans in this town. Unless I went to SAANS. And I'm not.

You all cared, I know you do.

In other news:

- I am leaving for Portland on Thursday for a week. I's my husbands family get together. I will get to meet a bunch of people I've never seen before including his Grandfather. Aaaand I will get to hang out with Kari (are you excited, Kari?).

I suppose I could also buy jeans there...

- The lady who is running the pool here called me up and said she heard I was looking for a job. I said...."um, not reaaally". Long story short I'm going to teach Aquafit twice a week which should be good times all round.

- It's a good thing I start tonight because I don't feel like running in the torrential downpour that is today. However I have been enjoying my running...finally...and it no longer hurts.

Here's what I like about running:
- My ipod
- The way the clouds roll over the mountain in the morning like a cresting wave
- Watching muskrats play in the canal when I stop to stretch
- Stretching (mmm)
- Stretching afterwords with my bare feet in the grass and farm kitty cats playing with me.
- Feeling stronger and faster every day.