Friday, July 18, 2008

Search Engines

I like to read my search engine hits in Google Analytics. Some of them make sense:
Hanna Sandvig
Hanna's Life is Cool
Hanna art


Some of them I can see where they came from:
Hedgehog pincushion
Ocean Necklace
Brick Quilt Pattern
Organic Gardening

Good good, but can someone explain these? Here's my top ten strange google hits:
10)"happy hanna" cartoon
9) cool eek ....who searches for this? why?
8)pictures of headache have I drawn a picture of a headache? Hmmm?
7)sepia lepus what?
6)you and coold
5) "gudrun lilja gunnlaugsdottir" explain this to me!
4)"life is cool" "shoes" okay I can understand this one, still funny that someone searched this way though
3)hacking cough 5 year old I posted once about having a hacking cough....ooops twice now! and I get lots of hits about it. Tragic as I can't help the hacking ones at all.
1)Finally I also get about 10 hits a month regarding the Gazoo, a petting zoo in Three Hills that I don't even remember writing about. It's good times though, you should go.

Okay those weren't really in any order.

What about you guys? Did you find me while looking for a picture of a headache? What's your strangest google hit?