Friday, August 22, 2008

Deco Books

So Domino Magazine has a new feature on their website. It's called Deco Books and the idea is that you collect all you favourite photos and inspirational pictures that you find online and compile an inspiration book (or a few books). You can also view other people's books although there aren't many yet as it's a new feature. The coolest thing is that you get this tiny little bookmark program where you can click on any photo you see while on your internet wanders and it adds the photo to your Deco Book, as well as a link to where you found it. This is ridiculously addictive. Anyway I've been playing with a nursery inspiration book for my yet to be conceived baby (erm, best if we don't tell Craig that I'm already planning the nursery, kay?) so check it out: Hanna's Nursery Inspirations. Let me know if you make a book! You know you want to! Especially if your name is Barb :P.

(edit: fixed the link)