Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mermaids and Musicals

Went to see Momma Mia tonight with my aunt and my gramma. Good times. I have an undying love for ABBA. Don't tell. My all time favourite musical is still Bride and Predjudice however, it has three things working in it's favour 1)Pride and Predjudice 2)Bollywood 3)catchy tunes. I love it forever. How about you guys? Favourite musicals? Pretend like you like commenting, it's pretty fun.

Been working on finishing up projects as the summer is coming to an end, got a couple submissions finished and ready to go today, finished another little website.

It's been raining like mad. All this water makes me think of mermaids. Okay no it doesn't but I have some pretty mermaids to show you and I didn't know how to tie it in smoothly...

Dearest Prince by 0Effe0

Beautiful mermaid photomanips by Vorfas on flicker
(click the link for the set)

More fabric love...the Mendocino line by Heather Ross.

Crabby Chat by Imaginism Studios