Friday, August 01, 2008

Reading Love

If you've been missing my Friday Fives, they've migrated to Divine Inspiration.

I just finished my best painting EVAH. And I can't share it for 3 more months. C'est tres tres tragique. In other tragic news I saved my new doll pattern over my old one. So while Elliot is coming along nicely I will have to redraw Mei.

Also, I still read tons, but the book reviews? I just read too much, it's hard to keep up. However, here's some books I've loved recently:

- Everything by Stephanie Meyer. I read The Host, which was excellent. It looks a bit odd, but is a great book. Also I just finished Eclipse and I want to cry whenever I think about it too long. I must read Breaking Dawn immediatly, expect that I don't buy hardcovers (thus me just finishing Eclipse...). Time to harass my local librarian :P

- Just finished Broken Angel which was fantastic, but I'll tell you more about it during the blog tour.

- Hrm, what else...Loving Meg Cabot for brainless fun. Queen of Babble might be my fav so far. Also Jennifer Crusie...Agnes and the Hitman written with Bob Mayer. Need some lightheartedness.

- Just started Hawkspar by Holly Lisle. I assume it will be good because I luuurve her.

- Erm, also have been rereading the Georgia Nicholson books. Can you tell?

What about you guys? Book suggestions?