Monday, August 11, 2008

Special News Bulletin

This just in, Hanna and Craig are no longer homeless. And there was much rejoicing throughout the laaand.

Yeah we spent the weekend looking for a place for the fall. It was not a pretty picture, the places were mostly taken or only wanted one person. One lady was quite firm about the one person part. QUITE firm. On Sunday we were only able to find two places available, both a bit out of town, which would have been hard as we only have (and only want) one vehicle. Then this morning we went to the college and got their list and got much of the same sad results as the previous day. Left some messages. Went to the park for a walk. And while walking a lady called back and we went right over to look (and then back to the park which is only three blocks away. This makes us happy, it's a great trail).

So it's a two bedroom basement suite, slightly closer to work than our last place and a nicer layout, cheaper and a much quieter neighbourhood. The only downside is that it doesn't get a lot of light (Jen, I'm joining team dungeon!). But he was in the process of repainting the whole place a nice pale blue (not baby blue, a nice blue) with white trim and had replaced some floors. So all is well, and my job is eagerly awaiting my return (lots of people leaving which is all the more hours for me) and Craig is registered and got a small scholarship for the fall semester.

Peace of mind is a nice thing.

Also, if you are bored, here's a fun site, it takes words from your blog and makes it into fairly customizable artyness. I kinda want this on my wall, it amuses me.


haha, hacking and headache! Eep, the more I type them the more search engine hits I'll get!