Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Blog Tour: Marcher Lord Press - Day 2

First, a brief update on Hanna

-I have just finished another beautiful piece of art that I'm so proud of...and can't show off until February. I might burst.

-I have been given a big box of pears from my supervisor at work. I'm canning my second canner load and I think the rest will become pear sauce.

-Yesterday was the worst day I've had in ages
1) I slept like crap
2) I forgot I was supposed to teach aquafit and missed my class
3) More people wanted to look at the house. And they wanted me to leave. With pears in the canner. I made them wait.
4) My fish died
5) I was so distraught by this point that I forgot to go online and buy the Totoro Project Book. I woke up excited for it. I've been obsessed with getting this book for months, talking about it nonstop for a week. When I remembered to go online (4 hours after it had gone on sale) it was sold out. I cried a little. At work. Over an art book.

- On the plus side, it was the season premiere of Heroes.

Anyway, enough whining, as promised here's some of the other artists featured in the Virtual Coffee Table book that you can be entered to win just by commenting on my previous post.

Rachel A. Marks (aka Pixy)
She does lovely realistic charcole drawings. They tend to be very emotional which I love.

Sara M. Butcher
She does the standard angel/fairy thing, but her style is anything but average. Gorgeous colours and just overall loveliness.

Ken Raney

A new discovery for me through this project, Ken has a cool whimsical style. Love it.

And there are even more cool artists in the e-book! Enter now below!