Monday, September 15, 2008

Dear Fans from around the world.

Please only talk to me on MSN if you speak English. Thank you.

It doesn't have to be fantastic English buuut it's the only language I speak. And emoticons only go so far.

Also I am married and not going to fall in love with you. Sorry.

I like to meet new people, I do. Feel free to MSN me anytime and we can chat (in fact the address is on my contact page). But it will be in English. And not about my eyes. And I won't do free art for you just because you love me.


(I am currently trying to have a conversation with a guy (I think) from Turkey. Who I think likes my art on Deviantart? Or just my eyes? I don't know. It is however a step up from the person who added me and started sending me messages in Arabic. Arabic. I don't even know what the letters are.)