Friday, September 05, 2008

Settling In

Hey guys! Sorry for ditching you but a)life is busy and b)we're having issues with the router. So the upshot is that at the moment Craig's computer gets internet but mine...not so much. Is tragic.

But, we're getting settled in. The kitchen is mostly together as is the living room, bathroom and bedroom. The second bedroom resembles a disaster zone and I still haven't found a few things, but I think it's not too bad for less than a week here. Most of the artwork is back up on the walls which makes me feel at home again.

Tragically Craig's computer desk bit the dust when we tried to move it (it's been on life support for a few years now). So he's got the kitchen table for now in the living room. Making a big empty spot in the kitchen. We need to find a new desk. Also on the hunt for a spare bed...

I'm getting a new computer for my birthday/christmas present! This is very exciting as my current computer just isn't up to what I try to put it through. It will be nice to be able to draw without lag and occasional complete stalling which is what it's often like now. I'm figuring the specs out now and then we'll get it built and shipped from NCIX. We got Craig's computer pieces from them and they are helpful, quick and pretty decently priced.

Back to work, it's pretty slow this time of year, but it'll be nice to be making some monies again. Of course I have next week off because the pool is shut down...and Craig is gone...I need to make some friends! Probably I'll just sit around in my pajamas and draw all day.

I mean I'll finish unpacking...

Oh oh, and I canned 14 quarts of peaches! And made peach jam. By which I apparently mean peach sauce as it didn't set properly. Pretty yummy on waffles though...

That's life over here! Anyone else been canning or playing with food this week?