Friday, October 31, 2008


Mmmm, so I just shelled out another $75 US on stuff for the craft fair. I'm confident I'll make it all back but these little things are adding up. However I think that things like professional printing and packaging increase sales and just general respect for the product. In case some of you are curious (and for future reference for myself) here's where I've been getting things:

- My fabric should be arriving any day now. Spoonflower is a print on demand custom fabric company. They are afforable and the product quality is pretty decent. Aaaand they just opened their virtual doors to the public this week, so anyone can upload designs (or photos!) and get some custom fabric.

- Moo is where I having been getting most of my printing done for a couple years now. I love their mini business cards and always have a pack in my purse. I also have gotten greeting cards and stickers by them and the quality is excellent. The really exciting thing is that they do small orders and you can use multiple designs in one order. No where else can you order 100 business cards with 100 different fronts for $19.99. I just ordered a set to use as tags for my toys with safety information on the back.

Unique Packaging - Now I haven't gotten my package yet, I'll update when I do but this E-bay store comes highly recommended and the prices are very good. This is where I ordered the cello-sleeves for my prints.

I'm all for shopping locally, but when it's impossible, the internet is a crafty girls best friend.