Saturday, October 25, 2008


Well, I survived my four weeks of 6 days of work a week. Well, after today, but today is a short day. I actually have 3 days off next week! Well, I teach aquafit one of those days...and have been force volunteered into helping with the rec centre's open house another day. But it's almost like days off. Maybe I will get some sewing done! Or wonder of wonders, clean my house.

Last night was the Halloween Howl at the pool. I'm not a big fan of Halloween but whatever. I decided to go as a tattoo artist, so I got those full sleeve tattoo nylon things and wore a lot of black. Then I set up a table and drew tattoos on children's arms with face paint. Now you (as all the children were) are thinking "Won't that just wash off in the pool?" And the answer is yes. But it's still fun, they just keep coming back.

Of course it's not easy to draw with a face paint crayon on a wet shoulder, so this wasn't any great showing of my skills. Some of the kids looked at the drawing as if they thought they would get something better. I did a semi-truck on one kids arm (and trust me, it wasn't that great) and he was sooo excited "it looks so realistic! It looks like it can really drive!" Too funny. Here's what else I drew:
- Many butterflies
- Some pumpkins
- A vampire (what? a stick man with a red mouth?)
- 2 mummies (what? a white stick man with no mouth?)
- A witch (oh, you mean a stick man on a stick)
- Bats (I love bats, you can actually draw those on arms)
- Spiders (ditto)
- The word SPY (that was my friends kid...not sure why)
- But mostly sculls...mostly sculls with snakes coming out of them. I probably drew twenty sculls with snakes. I don't really get it. Oh and that would be a white blog with black dots and a green wavy line. Real quality stuff.

Also, I have to add, chocolate eyeballs filled with peanut butter are far better than those filled with fudge or caramel.