Friday, November 14, 2008


Just wanted to let you guys know that we're all moved in and almost all unpacked. I starting pounding nails into the wall today, so it's officially home.

Here's what makes me sad:
-We can't walk to the grocery store. Or the library. Or the movie store. Or the cool island in the river we used to live beside.
-No bath tub :(
-No washer or dryer.
-No bus service.

Here's what makes me happy:
-The place is nicer, lots of light, big bay windows looking over the river bank.
-We can walk to work/school (15 minutes through the woods for me)
-We have carpet.
-The shower has great water pressure.
-All the elements on the stove work. And the oven doesn't shoot up 100 degrees at random. I think.
-We get more cable channels (HGTV! Food! OLN!)

So all in all it seems to be an improvement. I'll take pictures when I'm finished setting up.