Sunday, November 30, 2008


I'll post some photos of the Craft Fair later, but here's a quick update:

- I didn't make a killing, but I did not too bad. I sold all three of the softy block sets and sewed up another set for a lady yesterday. People were wishing I had more. Good note for the future. The magnetic paper dolls were also a big hit, I sold 13 of my 15 sets. I sold some prints and some birds. Only one doll :(. And no wristlets. Oh and I sold some fabric prints, but next time I'll make some smaller cheaper patch sized ones as well. Greeting cards went decently. I sold out of the popular ones, so next time I'll reprint less designs.

- I handed out a lot of business cards and have a couple potential webpage projects out of it.

- I met a lot of fun people. So good to actually spend time chatting with other artsy people. Right right, that's why I shouldn't just sit in front of the computer everyday.

- I am exhausted. Three days of standing on cement, smiling at everyone foolish enough to make eye contact with me (no matter how far away they were) and explaining 5000 times that it was actually my artwork on the dolls and fabric was more tiring than I had anticipated. I will sleep for a week.