Friday, November 07, 2008

Victory is Mine!

So I've been having wristlet issues. Here's the one I did yesterday morning:

You might be thinking that it is cute but needs ironing. Well YOU ARE WRONG (not about the ironing part though)! I am crazy with hate for the zipper. The evil zipper of evil death. As shown below:

Ugly! Ugly like a bum! I have concluded that this whole zipper on the top method is for people who are less perfectionistic than me. The just don't look professional enough.

So then I tried another tutorial. Lucky #3. By Javajem. With some minor adjustments all is well. It worked perfectly and is sooo much cleaner looking. The lining has a raw edge, but that's much more acceptable to me than an ugly zipper.

I love it with an undying love.

On to story #2.
Today I went to the craft fair at the rec centre. Because, well it's across the hallway from work and only $2. Last year I went and noted that there was a lot of crotcheted doilies and borscht. This year was much of the same. However I did buy this awesome hair clip/brooch thing by Beth Schwartz of Clever Fawn. I love her stuff, and she's a super nice girl as well. She'll be in the Market I'm in, but the other weekend. Look, it's pretty:

Check out her Etsy site: Clever Fawn. She has amazing jewelry:

And wreaths:

And really cool pillows, although they aren't online.

I then found a table with a couple girls knitting. They had these great kids hats with ears and whatnot. And then I talked to them for a bit. And then I just sat down for half an hour. And now we are friends. And that's the story of why Craig has given up on ever going to craft fairs with me. They bring out my chatty side.

Is that enough for you? Sorry, I get long winded when I wake up early. Nap time.